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Ron Gronkowski, the mammoth touchdown scoring Tight End from the New England Patriots, scored a touchdown with the Buffalo community by helping knock out teen drug use.
Gronkowski, his family’s Gronk Nation Youth Foundation and G&G Fitness — owned by father Gordy Gronkowski — have teamed up with the DEA, the New York-New Jersey High Intensity Drug Area program and the Buffalo Bills Youth Foundation to outfit a Buffalo, New York treatment facility with $30,000 in workout equipment.
Gronkwoski grew up in the area, and both he and his family are paying back the community by refurbishing a gym. The goal is to keep kids active and from from drugs.
Gronkowski told NESN about his desire to keep kids active. “When you’re growing up, you need to stay around people who are headed in the right direction and stay away from people who will take you in the wrong direction,” Gronkowski said. “I’m very proud to be involved with [Renaissance Campus], where we can help kids do the right thing by staying away from the wrong things.”
The Teensavers Team applauds the Gronkowski family and all of the groups involved to make this possible. Too many kids turn to drugs when they don’t have a drug-free environment to spend their time.

The candy won’t get your child high, but it may give them the idea to try pot.

Candy shaped like marijuana is popping up in stores across America.  Already upset combating marijuana edibles, city leaders in Buffalo, NY are outraged by this new marijuana-free candy.   “We’re already dealing with a high amount of drug abuse and drug activity and trying to raise children so they don’t think using illegal substances is acceptable,” said City Councilmember Darius Pridgen. “So to have a licensed store sell candy to kids that depicts an illegal substance is just ignorant and irresponsible.”

Photos of the candy can be seen by clicking HERE

The owner of the company that makes the candy says the items are popular and he’s had no complaints.

Trick-or-treaters are mainly elementary school kids who shouldn’t even know about marijuana.   But some kids as young as 8-years-old have experimented with pot.    And parents should know, while this candy has no THC or marijuana like chemicals in it, there are candy bars that do contain marijuana.

Kids often use the marijuana laced candy bars as an alternative to smoking.   They can flaunt eating the candy right in front of their parents because it’s a chocolate bar, that doesn’t appear to be marijuana related all.

A vigilant parent can help uncover adolescent drug use.     Teensavers reminds parents to interact closely with their children.