The Teensavers team feels for Arkansas Razorbacks football coach
Bobby Petrino.  The coach’s son was arrested last night on suspicion of
driving under the influence, possession of marijuana and possession of
prescription drugs.

The coach recently dismissed a player for
an alcohol related arrested for a second DUI.   But now he’s forced to
deal with this issue in the home.   23-year-old Dominic Petrino had
alcohol, marijuana, and opiates in his system.

Here is a man who
is supposed to lead dozens of young adult men on the football field, and
hopefully help steer them as men.   But it appears he’s not steering
them away from drugs and/or alcohol and it appears he’s no steering his
own family members away from dangerous narcotics.

It’s unknown
what the punishment for the young Petrino will be if a jury convicts
him.   But he is an example of how the son of anyone can fall into the
temptations of drug abuse.    Hopefully coach Petrino can come out and
issue an anti-drug message.   A young child hoping to be the next
Razorbacks phenom someday won’t get the message that drugs are bad from
these situations.

This is an opportunity for the coach to issue a
message that’s loud and clear; Razorbacks and the Razorback family do
not use drugs.

If you know a child or young adult who may be abusing drugs, get them the help they need by clicking HERE.