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West Virginia has a serious problem.   A DUI problem.   But it’s not what you think.   A Lieutenant in Charleston says that 70% of the DUIs in his city are something other than alcohol.    That’s 700 DUI arrests.


If you didn’t know, there’s a prescription abuse problem in West Virginia.     Like New Mexico, the most popular pill is Oxycontin.

“Prescription drugs are becoming an epidemic across West Virginia, and we are seeing more and more drivers under the influence of pills,” the Lieutenant told Charleston’s Daily Mail.  “There are a lot of officers across the state who are intimidated because they don’t know the process, because it’s been driven home in their training that you need that BAC (blood alcohol content) to make the arrest.

“It boils down to this: A person impaired by a pill or alcohol is impaired just the same,” he said.

Williams is also the regional coordinator for the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety.

Teensavers reminds parents that just because they can’t smell alcohol on the breath of their teen driver, it does not mean that their teen is sober.   Impairment can happen in just minutes the way teens abuse pills.   When pills are smashed, the coating that enables the time-release is diminished.   The active ingredients in the pills get into the bloodstreams of teens rapidly.



Teensavers wants to pass along explosive in depth reporting from the OC Register today regarding the history of Austin Farley’s alcohol and violent abusiveness.   Among the OC Register’s findings:

  • Farley spent only 50 days in jail for all of the total crimes he had been convicted.
  • He had 2 underage alcohol issues with authorities
  • His parents were granted 4 protective orders from their abusive son.
  • The mother would not cooperate with police, despite being his victim of abuse.
  • He spent time in and out of treatment centers
  • His most recent case, dismissed Friday, centered around prescription drug abuse.


This was a man full of problems.   If you know someone abusing alcohol or drugs, contact the Teensavers team CLICK HERE.   Home drug testing, and earlier treatment could have headed this man off of his drunken and violent path.

He brazenly plead not-guilty the charges yesterday.  For a complete account from the OC Register, click here:

The community of Irvine has been grieving after we lost a 14-year-old to a habitual drunk driver.  Austin Jeffrey Farley is suspected of being under the influence when he crashed into the Mercedes that Ashton Sweet was riding in.

As we found out shortly after the crash, Farley had a long list of arrests for alcohol and drug possession.   Farley has spent most of his early 20’s paying for his alcohol related offenses.   His latest charge is murder.

We can’t speculate when Farley started drinking, or what his drug use is.    But its clear that he began drinking and driving by the time he was 19.

According to the OC Register, the CHP arrested Farley on a minor driving under the influence with a blood alcohol content of .05 or higher.    He got off that charge by completing a diversion program.

Most people don’t get arrested the first time they do something wrong.    Some people get away with drinking and driving for years.   Many are lucky, not because they avoided jail time, but because they didn’t hurt anyone.

There are programs in place in the city of Irvine, specifically TARGET21, established by the Irvine by the Irvine Community Drug Prevention group.    They back social host ordinances, and preach that kids should aviod trying alcohol at all until they are 21.

Not only do we need more types of these programs to help usher kids into adulthood, but kids can also be tested to make sure they are not using alcohol or narcotics.    2,500 children use drugs for the first time every day.    Prescription drug abuse is becoming a huge problem.

School educators use breathalyzers and home drug tests at school functions like dances and grad nights.    Parents need to step up to help raise responsible children who become responsible adults.    Do not serve alcohol to minors in your home.     Educate them not to drink or do drugs, and make them aware you will test them.

Myteensavers has treated too many children who started using at a young age.   Many of them say that they had little to no parental guidance during this formative years.

Guide your child into adulthood, and help raise a responsible young adult.


Myteensavers update:

As her son faces murder charges for the crash that killed Ashton
Sweet, the mother of Austin Jeffrey Farley released a statement today
through her son’s attorney that she would “personally give my life if it
would bring Ashton Sweet back.”

The 26-year-old driver faces murder charges.   His blood alcohol content was double the legal limit.

He faces 20 years to life for a DUI with special circumstances.

He is set to enter his plea today in court.

Farley has a history of alcohol and drug related arrests and run-ins with the law.  If you know anyone with an alcohol or a drug problem, get them help.

If you know anyone who is about to drive after drinking or using drugs. try to take the keys and call them a cab.    Nothing good can come out of drinking and driving.     Habitual drinking and drug use can be prevented with better parenting and home alcohol and drug tests.   Don’t wake up to find out your son or daughter has taken someone’s life with a DUI.    Get them help.

Myteensavers cares about teens.   This was a case where these innocent victims were doing the right thing.  They were not drinking, and all they did was follow the rules.   Their parents were being good, active parents.   This tragedy could have been prevented if someone had stopped Farley from getting behind the wheel.

The OCREGISTER has dug deep into the arrest history of Austin Jeffrey Farley:

According to court records, Farley was arrested by the California Highway Patrol on May 4, 2004.    Being a 19-year-old driver at the time, he was charged with being a minor with a blood-alcohol-content of .05 percent or more. That charge was dismissed in June 2004 after he was sentenced to a diversion program.

In July 2004, Farley was back in court, charged with having a license suspended after allegedly refusing to submit to a chemical test. Farley pleaded guilty to the charge and was sentenced to three years probation and $300 in fines.

In February 2009, he was pulled over by authorities again. He was charged with driving under the influence, disobeying a court order, battery on a peace officer and driving with a suspended license. He pleaded guilty to the charges and was sentenced to three years of probation, 104 hours of service in lieu of fines, 30 days in jail, six months in a first-offender alcohol program, and to attend a victim’s panel for Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

So essentially three DUI related events (watered down to other charges in a couple of the cases) leading up to this one???   This is ridiclous!   A 14-year-0ld girl is brain dead after his latest get hammered and get behind the wheel actions.       Clearly he had drinking problems as a teenager and it kept building til his destructive life took a little girl away from her family.

How do these people continue to drive?   Where’s his passenger?   Charge him for getting in the car with a drunk driver knowingly!     That passenger should have never let Farley drive.  It will be interesting to see his court appearance tomorrow!

 The TEENSAVERS team will continue to follow this case, as this tragedy has hit very close to home.