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Teensavers often reminds families that unused medications in the home can be a recipe for disaster.


Many times teens and young adults in treatment tell us that is where they got their start.

Their first experience from drugs wasn’t the puff of marijuana from a friend, it was a sneak of a pill from the family medicine cabinet.

But it’s not just your teens you have to worry about.

Some of those patients in treatment also say that they stole pills from their friends’ medicine cabinets. They had no problem checking all of their buddies homes for extra pills.

Now there’s a growing problem in a small Texas community. People are visiting opening houses to search for drugs.

The pain pill addicts are scouring the Sunday paper for open houses dressing up as potential buyers, and then showing up hoping to score.

These pills are like gold. Some of them go for as much as $50 a pill. If you find full bottle of Oxycontin or Hydrocodone, you could be looking at a street value of $5000.

And while children may not be stealing these pills, the pills stolen by adults could still end up in their hands.

The same thing may be said for having guests at the home.

With a dinner party or social event at your home, you have dozens of people using your bathrooms. So why keep your pills there?

People with an addiction will first try to find either money or more drugs through people they know and trust.

It’s always a reminder to hide your medications, or lock them up.

You’d certainly hide your jewelery during an open house.

Take 5 minutes to place your pills safely away from where they can be stolen.

You’ve heard that Capital One commercial’s favorite tag line?   “What’s in your wallet?”

Well, what’s in your medicine cabinet?

You keep a thermometer there for when your child is sick.   When he feels hot, or has the chills, you take his temperature.   Why are we not following through when our sick kids are in their teens?    Just like the flu, the warning signs are easy to see when it comes to drug abuse.       Your child’s grades are slipping, they seem to be a little more secretive about their activities, and they have new or different friends.    Wouldn’t you reach into your medicine cabinet if you could diagnose what is wrong.   The truth is, you can.   The MyteenSavers home drug test kit is an easy to use, affordable, accurate, and private drug test to provide you with answers you need to know.    Wouldn’t you rather have peace of mind?

Don’t wait for your child to become to become a full-blown addict.   Most teens don’t see the harm in experimenting with drugs.   But it’s a dangerous and potentially deadly path.     Visit Myteensavers.com to see the parental guide to using the drug test kit and the follow through support that comes with the kits.