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An Arizona pastor could spend some time behind bars, after officers busted him for selling drugs.   The arrest can serve as a reminder to parents that even people with seemingly respectable careers and backgrounds can be involved in illegal activity.

According to KSEE24 News, Mark Derksen admitted to police that he served up to 30 clients a day.

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He admitted to giving away free drugs to convert people into customers.

Undercover deputies purchased drugs from Derksen, which wrapped up a two year investigation.

While executing a search warrant, officers found heroin, meth, Oxycontin, scales, and weapons in Derksen’s home.

He may seem like a small time player in the drug selling world, but his role as a religious figure is the type of trusted person that could introduce kids to drugs.

There’s no word on whether or not Derksen ever sold drugs to minors, but this can serve as a reminder to parents that drug dealers are typically not sinister looking men lurking in an alley somewhere.

They often are people who can be trustworthy, and have a responsible appearance.

There were two big busts recently at the El Centro Sector Border Patrol station in Indio, California.

Agents there seized heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine from one driver at a checkpoint along Highway 86.

Two other seizures resulted in the discovery of cocaine and money.

The heroin, coke, meth bust resulted in a street value of $445,000.

The cocaine bust netted $570,000 in drugs.

If you watch NatGeo’s Border Wars, you see that these results are frequent, and agents are confiscating massive amounts of drugs at the border.

Cartels are trying anything they can to sneak drugs across the border. A recent article reported that cartels are hitting the water to bring drugs in small submarine vehicles.

Drug mules also run drugs across the border in Arizona and Texas. These types of drug runs are profiled on the Border Wars show.

And we’ve seen a growing number of cars used in drug smuggling. Drugs aren’t simply stashed in the trunk.

Cartels are embedding them in the gas tanks, and hollow, manufactured walls, and linings in cars.

Great work by the border patrol and customs agents.

We’ve seen some pretty crude tunnels created to transport drugs from Mexico into Arizona or California, but now law enforcement says that they’ve found one of the most sophisticated and extraordinary tunnels they’ve ever seen.


They say this isn’t just the work of diggers, this has the blueprints of engineer work.

The shafts descend 57 feet and are tall enough to allow a 6 foot man to walk through.

You can read about the discovery in the Los Angeles Times by clicking HERE.

Every one of these tunnels discovered cuts off another artery of drug smuggling. But you can bet as one is uncovered and filled, another several are being built.

Agents don’t know how much drugs were moved through this tunnel but the discovery was made in a recent bust where $39 million dollars of methamphetamine was confiscated.

These cartels aren’t just moving marijuana into America. They are sending in cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine.

We know we will never cut off the supply of drugs reaching our neighborhoods, which is why it is important that parents talk to their teens about the dangers of drugs.