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A New report out says that teens have found a new way to get high by drinking hand sanitizer.

The California Poison Control System reports 60 illnesses related to teens drinking hand sanitizer since 2010 from patients 13 and older.

Hand sanitizer, which has 62% ethyl alcohol, produces a potent drink that can cause alcohol poisoning.

There were also 147 cases involving children ages 6 to 12.

There were 2,180 cases of children between the ages of newborn and 5 but those ingestions are considered accidental.

The best measure parents can take is to buy the foam version instead of the gel. The gel can be manipulated to separate out the alcohol. The foam version cannot.

    There is a lot of hate and vitriol aimed at Roger Ebert in the wake of his tweet, “Friends don’t let jackasses drive drunk.”     But is it called for?    We obviously won’t have toxicology reports back on Ryan Dunn’s body for a few weeks.   But Ebert made the leap from a facebook photo to a fiery crash.   Is it wrong?     The famed film critic certainly could not know for certain whether or not Dunn, one of the actors from the Jackass show and movies, was legally intoxicated.  

    He was going by this photo that circulated the internet.  


Now there were reports that Dunn had consumed three beers and three shots sometime around when this photo was taken.    That total could have been over 8 hours, or in 20 minutes.   We won’t know.   Ebert, clearly was assuming that Dunn, who was behind the wheel of the fiery crash, was above the legal limit to drive.    Facebook fans revolted on Roger, and people took to Twitter to attack the acclaimed critic.    Perez Hilton even lashed out at Ebert saying that the comments were too early.     If Dunn was drunk, when is it OK to be critical?    He’s still dead today, and will be tomorrow, the day after, next month, and next year.      Had a suspected drunk driver slammed into Dunn, nobody would be condemning Ebert for making the comments. 

Dunn didn’t just kill himself, he took the life of a passenger.    Zachary Hartwell, seen in the right of the above photo, was also killed.    Authorities believe that Dunn was going 100 MPH when he hit the guard rail and launched into a tree.   

Ebert’s comments may not have just been pointing a finger, he may also be reminding people of lives lost too earl because of drunk driving.    Again, we won’t know what Dunn’s BAC level was for a few weeks.     Ebert may be the messenger that’s being targeted.   If Dunn was drunk at the time of the crash, he’s the one who clearly sent the message