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There is a joyous feeling in Seattle regarding the new marijuana legalization which took effect today, Friday December 7th at the stroke of midnight.

But it’s not just the blazers that are enjoying their new found smoking freedom.

On the city’s police website, spokesman Jonah Spangenthal-Lee wrote: “The department’s going to give you a generous grace period to help you adjust to this brave, new, and maybe kinda stoned world we live in.”

Spangenthal-Lee then wrote, “The police department believes that, under state law, you may responsibly get baked, order some pizzas and enjoy a Lord of the Rings marathon in the privacy of your own home, if you want to.”

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The final message pictures Jeff Bridges as his famous Big Lebowski character “the due” with the message “The dude abides and he says take it inside.”

While you want to applaud Seattle PD for their approach to the situation over marijuana, you always wonder if this send the right message to teens.

After all, you don’t see drinking and driving reminders with Lindsay Lohan holding a magnum of champagne saying “I like my bubbly, but when it comes to driving, I won’t be getting into troubly.”

Of course that phrase is stupid, but the point is, using celebrated drug and alcohol heroes to make a serious point and to introduce a new law, is troubling.

What’s next? Jeff Spicoli reminding you that smoking in your van is illegal? Snoop Dogg telling smokers that you can’t go wrong being at home with a bong?

Kids who are curious about marijuana or other drugs, get some of their inspiration and motivation to use from these iconic figures in pop culture.

We will see how the new law affects the rate of teen marijuana use. But it will be a good while before we ever see any stats on that.

It seems silly that vanity would be the main reason to stop a teen from trying drugs.

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But if that’s what it takes, fantastic!

Every once in a while, an anti-drug campaign will release a so-called “faces of meth” poster with some shocking transformations.

The Daily Mail found the latest campaign from

It’s enough to scare a kid away from methamphetamine!

faces of meth

An interesting viewpoint from Mother Jones’ Gavin Aronsen.

Citing the recent “first of its kind” synthetic marijuana study that we told you about on this blog a few days ago, Aronsen makes the argument that these drugs wouldn’t exist if marijuana wasn’t banned in the first place.

Long before the abuse of synthetic drugs, is the abuse of other illicit and legal drugs. One test detects drug use in minutes.

But the truth is, people with a desire to reach a high have long sought out alternative methods to what has been available.

Synthetic marijuana users aren’t pushed to the fake stuff because an absence or illegality of weed.

Marijuana is everywhere.

Synthetic drugs like k2 spice, bath salts etc. exist because people want to go to that next level.

People would smoke low level marijuana if they just liked to get high, but marijuana connoisseurs grow, sell, and buy premium grade marijuana at dispensaries where medicinal marijuana can be legally sold.

I know someone who abuses spice, k2, and other synthetic marijuana products.

She has been a long time marijuana smoker. She has no problem gaining access to a small amount of marijuana.

But she chooses to use synthetics because they make her feel good.

She pays more for the synthetic high, and she doesn’t even take the legality of either substance in consideration when she wants to use.

In the end, it really isn’t important why people use synthetic drugs. The key is that synthetics can kill, and need to be removed from store shelves.

Washington state’s much talked about marijuana law is taking effect, and there will be corresponding changes from law enforcement officers as a result.

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Adults 21 years of age and older will be able to possess an ounce of marijuana in plant form, 16 ounces infused, and 72 ounces cooked in food.

Although possession is still a federal crime, the state is studying a way to set up a system under direction of the Liquor Control Board for the sale of marijuana.

“The voters have put the governor of the State of Washington in charge of the nation’s biggest marijuana operation,” Wahkiakum County Prosecuting Attorney told the Wakkiakum County Eagle.

“Until the law is clearly written, we’re not going to make any arrests for possession,” Sheriff Mark Howie said. “However, just as with alcohol, people can’t light up in public; smoking in public is still illegal.”
Deputies will also investigate and make arrests for large-scale growing operations, possession of large quantities of marijuana and for impaired driving under the influence of marijuana.
Oh, and deputies won’t be able to light up either.

“I’ve revised our policies to say that use of marijuana is prohibited while one is employed with the sheriff’s department,” Howie said. “It’s still a federal crime to use or possess it.

How people will obtain the drug illegally still hasn’t been worked out.

The sheriff’s department also plans to continue using its’ drug smelling dog, Dakota.
The dog may not lead to nearly as many arrests, but it will still make sure minors are not in possession and the Dakota will also continue searching schools.

When it comes to driving under the influence, the scent of marijuana cannot be a leading factor in determining if someone is driving while high.

Officers will begin using other factors to decide on impairment.

Coast guard officers patrolling the Atlantic Ocean raked in nearly $55 million dollars in cocaine at Port Canaveral, Florida.

They made the 75-bale find as drug smugglers fled from pursuing officers.

The floating stash weighed more than 5,000 pounds.

Officers aboard the Coast Guard Cutter Tampa made the seizure after a Canadian Maritime Patrol Aircraft operating in the area alerted them.

The drug smugglers got away, but they left a very valuable find behind.

It’s good to see that 2.6 tons of cocaine will not hit the streets of America.

As the Coast Guard mourns the loss of an officer who died during an attack from marijuana smugglers, they are still continuing their fight to stop drug trafficking into America.

Authorities smashed up a multi-million dollar cocaine ring that sent drugs from the Big Apple north to upstate communities.

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State Attorney General Eric Scheiderman announced that 39 people are charged in connection with today’s early morning raids in Cortland, Syracuse and New York City.

The amount of cocaine seized during today’s arrests had a street value of $1 million dollars.

The investigation was underway for nearly a year.

It’s great to see law enforcement act on tips and flush out these drug dealers.

There are numerous drug connections that are cutoff for people seeking cocaine in those communities.

Ultimately, some of those drugs likely fell into the hands of kids!

Great work by authorities in New York!

Various news outlets in television and radio have picked up the story about small private companies offering drug detecting dog services at home.

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And while drug dogs are very effective at discovering drugs in a home, they can’t provide parents with the answer they really want to know. Which drugs are their child abusing?

Kids may buy an amount of marijuana, and only use a small amount of the stash each time.

But if they are buying other drugs, they typically buy and use them instantly.

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Sure, when pressed, your teen may admit to using marijuana, and will gladly cough up some of his bag.

But he’s not going to tell you that he’s been raiding the medicine cabinet, or that he has a big designer drug habit.

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Marijuana legalization is a topic that has been bantered about back and forth for decades.

But the issue has never been hotter than since Colorado and Washington states’ voters approved marijuana legalization initiatives.

And while the federal government in America has kept silent about the laws, and a possible national relaxation of the marijuana laws, many other political leaders in North, Central, and South America have vocalized support for a change in the laws.

The feeling is not the same in the great white north.

I don’t see Canada going down that road,” Toronto Police Staff-Insp. Randy Franks told QMI Agency recently when asked about the possibility of legalizing marijuana.

“It’s not something I would want our city, or our country, to be known for,” he said.

Franks leads the the drug squad in Toronto, a city where Controlled Drugs and Substances Act charges have more than doubled in the last decade despite all the talk of marijuana legalization.

But new political leadership could one day overrule the current mentality.

An Ipsos survey conducted last summer found 66% of Canadians support decriminalization of marijuana.

As stated here with the looming legalization in the two states. Marijuana needs to be kept out of the hands of children.

We frequently explain that pill abusers turn to heroin because either their pill supply runs dry, or that they can no longer afford to buy their opiates in pill form.

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No community may be seeing a bigger explosion in heroin use than the Maryland beach community of Ocean City.

Citing a 550% increase in heroin cases from the past, investigators there recently conducted an investigation spanning several weeks.

Officers arrested numerous drug users who were buying and selling heroin.

According to the Baltimore Sun, the community there is seeing an explosion in heroin use as measure are being put into place to prohibit prescription fraud.

Operation Smackdown saw undercover officers purchase numerous drugs, but heroin was the chief substance bought and sold.

Nobody just starts trying heroin one day. This is an addiction level built up by opiate use that manifests into heroin use.

It’s important communities continue to explain to people of all ages how critical prescription drug abuse is.

Addicts range in age from early teens to the baby boomers.

The best thing parents can do is either lock up or dispose of old medications to make sure that their children can’t experiment with any pills in the home.

The other thing parents can do is home drug test their children regularly.

Random home drug testing can help detect use that the nose cannot detect. Too many parents keep their nose trained for alcohol or marijuana, but you can’t sniff out a pill.

A U.S. Coast Guard Officer has died following an encounter with drug smugglers off the California coast.

Two Mexican nationals — Jose Meija Leyva and Manuel Beltran Higuera — face charges of killing a federal officer while the officer was on duty.

Chief Petty Officer Terrell Horne, 34, died Sunday after he was struck in the head by the suspects’ vessel, near the Channel Islands, west of Los Angeles.

Horne is the first law enforcement official to die off California since a spike in illegal activity began several years ago, said Ralph DeSio, a U.S. Customs and Border Protection spokesman.

As the Coast Guard cutter approached the small vessel, the suspects hit the motor, ramming the boat.

Horne fell, hit his head, landing in the water.

Crew members quickly retrieved Horne and began to treat him. He died from his injuries a short time later.

It’s tragic that an officer had to lose his life because of the drug smuggling.

While the chargers did not confirm whether or not drugs were on board the small vessel, the Coast Guard needs to remain relentless to stop these criminals.

Our hearts go out to the family of the fallen officer.