Washington state’s much talked about marijuana law is taking effect, and there will be corresponding changes from law enforcement officers as a result.

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Adults 21 years of age and older will be able to possess an ounce of marijuana in plant form, 16 ounces infused, and 72 ounces cooked in food.

Although possession is still a federal crime, the state is studying a way to set up a system under direction of the Liquor Control Board for the sale of marijuana.

“The voters have put the governor of the State of Washington in charge of the nation’s biggest marijuana operation,” Wahkiakum County Prosecuting Attorney told the Wakkiakum County Eagle.

“Until the law is clearly written, we’re not going to make any arrests for possession,” Sheriff Mark Howie said. “However, just as with alcohol, people can’t light up in public; smoking in public is still illegal.”
Deputies will also investigate and make arrests for large-scale growing operations, possession of large quantities of marijuana and for impaired driving under the influence of marijuana.
Oh, and deputies won’t be able to light up either.

“I’ve revised our policies to say that use of marijuana is prohibited while one is employed with the sheriff’s department,” Howie said. “It’s still a federal crime to use or possess it.

How people will obtain the drug illegally still hasn’t been worked out.

The sheriff’s department also plans to continue using its’ drug smelling dog, Dakota.
The dog may not lead to nearly as many arrests, but it will still make sure minors are not in possession and the Dakota will also continue searching schools.

When it comes to driving under the influence, the scent of marijuana cannot be a leading factor in determining if someone is driving while high.

Officers will begin using other factors to decide on impairment.