Some school districts are unified in stopping teen drug use, and do what they can to make sure drugs are not on campus.

Others simply ignore the issue, hoping that a zero tolerance policy will just deter kids altogether.

In a Boston suburb, a teacher’s aide is facing charges for allegedly supplying several students with alcohol and marijuana.

According to the Boston Globe, the aide at Maynard High, Jennifer Olsen, is involved in cases that resulted in four counts of procuring alcohol for minors and two counts of using marijuana in school zones.

This type of case is not a rarity. We’ve seen teachers across the country arrested for supplying teens marijuana, and we’ve seen school administrators and coaches investigated for providing students access to drugs.

Most school districts take alcohol and drug use serious.

Some have roving officers on campuses. Some districts have locker searchers with drug-sniffing k9 officers. Others conduct random drug testing.

But those measures will not always catch teen drug use.

Teens begin to learn the system. For example, some school districts will have random testing each month, picking a certain number of students to test.

Those students know once that testing period occurs, that there is a window of opportunity to do drugs before the next round of testing. Even a gap of three weeks is enough to experiment with drugs one or two times and have a clean system.

For the schools that don’t have these measures in place, there’s little enforcement.

In either situation, parents of students need to be vigilant at home.

That means having anti-drug conversations, listening to their kids discussions with peers, and noticing for warning signs at home.

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