Marijuana smokers nationwide had more than the Presidential race on their minds last night.

Three states had marijuana legalization on the ballots last night. The measure went up in smoke in Oregon. But Washington and Colorado voters jointly came together to approve the measures in those two states.

So what happens next?

“The voters have spoken and we have to respect their will,” said Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper, in a statement. “This is a complicated process, but we intend to follow through. That said, federal law still says marijuana is an illegal drug ,so don’t break out the Cheetos or goldfish too quickly.”

Well smokers may not be fixing for snacks yet, but they want access to their weed.

Federal authorities may have another idea; an appeals process that may head straight for the Supreme Court.

The concern here among treatment professionals and counselors is what message did these voter backed measures send to kids?

If marijuana is legal, it must be safe, right?

That’s the message many teens may develop in the wake of the voting. But as we’ve said here, what may be acceptable for adults is not the case for minors.

Studies have shown a loss of IQ over long periods of use when an adult started at a younger age.

The concern here is the children. What adults do in the privacy of their home with legal intoxicants like alcohol and marijuana is up to them.

Hear that marijuana activists? This isn’t a pot is evil rant.

This is a message of concern for the young children who begin to experiment with marijuana, because they think of it as a legalized product.

How many kids begin abusing prescription drugs, because they see them as legal medications?

When in fact, the pills are highly addictive opiates that can often turn teens towards a downward spiral of heroin use.

These laws may not be in the state you live in, but it’s necessary to take notice.

Should the federal government allow, or lose the right to control this law, and it proves as a successful tax raising law, many other states will follow.

Don’t think states in debt, like California, will not turn to marijuana legalization if they see Colorado and Washington raking in the tax money.

In the golden state, Governor Brown’s prop 30, which raises taxes to help support the state, passed with a slim majority.

Don’t think voters won’t turn towards marijuana as a solution in 2 or 4 years if they see a successful model in those other two states.

Voters will especially like the idea of legalizing marijuana if it drops their sales tax or state income tax by a pretty penny.

This may be an opportune time to discuss with your teens the marijuana laws passing in Washington and Colorado.

There’s no doubt teens will be talking about it at high schools and middle schools today.

Parents can remind their kids, that although adults legalized the drug for adults, marijuana can have damaging long term effects on adolescents.