To some thieves, cash may be king.

But to opiate abusers, pills are the priority.

Whether they are addicts looking to extend their fix a few more days, or pushers hoping to profit on others’ additions, pharmacy robberies continue to plague America.

The most recent crime was in a Lakeland, Florida CVS pharmacy.

The man arrested in this crime was unsuccessful in getting any pills, and tipster notified authorities that he was behind the activity.

These incidents are not uncommon.

More people are hitting rock bottom with their addiction and they are going straight to the supplier to get their fix on any pills possible.

Opiates are powerful painkillers that are highly addictive.

Oftentimes, users get hooked on the pills, but they can’t continue affording the costs to keep the high going.

They turn to heroin as a purer and cheaper source of the high. To avoid reaching the next level of abuse and addiction, many users will go to any extreme to keep the pill supply coming.
That includes robbing pharmacies.