There are plenty of examples of adolescents talking about  drug use on the internet.

Parents just need to look for it.

Case in point:

This is a question from Yahoo Answers.

Is the person asking this question really 11 years old?

Since it’s anonymous, there’s probably a good chance that this poster is not lying about their age?

But parents we talk with have a hard time considering that their pre-teens could be using at such young ages.

“We see children of all ages using illicit drugs. There’s no magical age number when kids start trying. We see kids starting to use at younger ages, and they are showing a willingness to to expand their drug use from alcohol and marijuana,” says America‘s Parenting Coach Tim Chapman.

Most parents would guess that they wouldn’t have to worry about alcohol and drugs with their kids until those kids are 16 or 17.

But SAMHSA studies show that on average, 6,000 kids try drugs for the first time every day. Some of those are as young as 8-years-old.

Twitter is another popular place where kids speak openly about drugs.

Chapman says parents should monitor their kids’ online activity to see the warning signs. “They put it out there, because they think nobody is paying attention. But you can learn a lot from not only knowing your child’s activities, but their friends’ activity online as well.”

Teensavers home drug test kits are a weapon that parents can use to not only detect adolescent drug use, but deter it.

Chapman says most parents aren’t even aware that lab accurate home drug testing exists.

“Parents will ask me, “should I test my teen?” and I tell them absolutely”

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