Having a parent or community meeting and want Teensavers there?

Looking for free drug test kits?

We have joined up with community, school, police, church, and parent groups across the country to help stamp out teen drug abuse.
With 6,000 kids trying drugs for the first time every day, we know that the effort needs to be made to help keep these kids clean.

Whether you need to implement a free drug testing policy in your neighborhood, or you need someone to talk to parents that attend your town hall meeting or seminar, Teensavers can help.

We have experts to talk about heroin, prescription drugs, marijuana, spice, k2, bath salts, ecstasy, methamphetamine, methadone, and we can educate parents on things like popular street terms.

Visit the Teensavers website at http://www.myteensavers.com and if we havent answered your question there, send us an email at jeff (at) myteensavers.com.

We are aware of the teen drug trends in your state, and we know what happens in many of the communities.