Citing that his drug days are long behind him, Brad Pitt says the war on drugs is a “charade.”

Pitt is a producer of the movie Why We Fight, a documentary that calls the drug war a failure, and suggests that a new plan be adopted.

Pitt told the Hollywood Reporter, “the subject has bugged me for a long time. “It’s a backward strategy. It makes no sense and we keep going on the path like we’re winning, when it perpetuates more drugs being used.”

Whether or not the war on drugs is effective and a new plan of attack needs to be considered, the message that drugs are bad is never really delivered here.

Unfortunately, a lot of people think that when someone criticizes the war on drugs, they are actively proclaiming that drugs should be commonplace and legal in America.

It’s too bad that the anti-drug message isn’t delivered in this.

The war on drugs is costly, and does have a massive human toll.

But we are also burying our teens from overdoses, and other drug related deaths.

While a majority are now prescription drug and opioid related, others are not.

Supporting a set of politics is one thing, but maybe Pitt could have issues a message that more attention needs to be made towards the kids hooked on drugs.

We have millions abusing drugs now. How many more would we have if the drugs were legalized or decriminalized?