Teensavers is giving a shout out to our stars of Sobriety . Today’s celebrity is Frank Conniff.

The picture above is a post from his twitter feed, marking 27 years to the day he regained his sobriety.

Conniff is an actor and writer best known for his role as Frank on Mystery Science Theater 3000.

In 2007, Coniff opened up to asitecalledfred.com about his drug use as a high schooler, growing up in New York.

In those years, I really went down a very misguided path. I became, like, a total stoner, and was just kind of a hippie stoner loser kind of a guy, and I didn’t even have the ambition to be a comedian and stuff. That kinda fell by the wayside for awhile. I got involved with drugs and stuff, and I took a really bad detour there for a while. You know that – miraculously, and I’m very grateful that – I came out of that. And once I sobered up and stopped taking drugs and stopped drinking, then I was really able to really pursue my path in life.

Today back in New York, Coniff finds himself look at 27 years of a clean lifestyle, and a very creative and artistic path in that time.