Kentucky is one of those states where they are aggressively fighting prescription drug abuse.

Of course, Kentucky is one of the states battling a serious epidemic.

One woman will be spending some serious time behind bars for pushing the pills to another woman who lost her life.

Ashley Ritchie, 19, of Eastern Kentucky, overdosed at the home of Judy Mcintosh.

Mcintosh sold the pills to Ritchie, and investigators quickly discovered that Mcintosh was distributing pills across Eastern Kentucky.

Today she heard her sentence.

27 years in prison, forcausing a death by illegally distributing prescription drugs.

So often, we see young people die from a drug overdose, but we don’t find out who provided the drugs. This time they had a good lead.

Authorities will likely never know if any of mcintosh’s other customers died from drugs, but they do know that she won’t be selling pills to people for a long time.