The police department in Troy, Illinois is taking steps to knock drugs out of the community.

Some of their measures put into place recently are a full time dedicated prescription drop off box.

This will allow people with unused and unwanted medications to dispose of them properly for safe destruction.

We are seeing an epidemic of pill abuse, and oftentimes it starts with unattended pills.

In fact, of the 6,000 kids who try drugs for the first time every day, 2,500 of them are abusing prescription drugs.

The other great effort that the Troy PD is using is the generous gift to the department of public works.

This truck had been used by a drug dealer in the community. But now it’s the property of the community of Troy.

That drug dealer’s dope wasn’t the only thing confiscated. The PD also took the dealer’s car.

These types of police actions sends a notice to those who use drugs. It will make a lasting impression on the teens of the community schools like Triad High.

Chief Robert Rizzi should be commended for his efforts in the department, and helping the greater St. Louis area fight drugs.

He’s one of the area leaders making a difference outside the big city.

Another leader is Sheriff Lisenbe in Phelps County, MO.

He is using confiscated drug funds to provide free home drug testing kits to families.

Great work by two men helping fight teen drug abuse!