Last fall, ESPN the magazine reported that numerous college athletes across the country engage in regular drug use.

Highlighted was the University of Oregon and the marijuana culture on campus.

At the time, numerous former players were asked what percentage of players used marijuana.

The answer was somewhere between 40 and 60 percentage. Current players agreed that the assessment would apply to current members of the Ducks football rosters.

Now, as the PAC-12 season in underway, those players will be under a little more scrutiny at the University.

That’s because Oregon’s athletic department spent the summer fine-tuning a new drug policy that would subject athletes to random tests year-round, even during the summer.

So far the tests have no begun, but it will be interesting to see if any players are caught by the new system.

The university is not doing anything that already isn’t being done in the pros. All professional sports leagues screen for performance enhancing drugs and illicit drugs.

High Schools across the country are trying to establish random testing, but it often is met by parents who are against the plans.

Ultimately, these athletes will need to test if they are good enough to play professional sports.

It’s good to see the University of Oregon work to identify, contain, and dissipate the marijuana culture on campus.