There are many reasons to like Bradley Cooper.

Teens and young adults think he is funny.

People Magazine and millions of women find him sexy.

We love that he is sober and speaking out about it to the Hollywood Reporter!

Cooper, the man who has made millions laugh as the hungover Phil in the Hangover, is opening up about how his life mirrored the movie.

He detailed one account from a party where he was banging his head on the concrete to show his toughness, but all that resulted was a trip to the hospital.

But that was 8-years ago, and he’s lived life without alcohol and drugs every since.

We need more people like Cooper to speak out about alcohol and drug use.

Some may see his a hypocrite for portraying a highly intoxicated character, but a role is a role and reality is reality.

Cooper doesn’t have to open up about his demons, or his self-destructing ways, but hopefully people will learn from his experiences.

In a time when stars show up busted for DUI or drug-related arrests or encounters routinely on, it’s refreshing to see that one of the hottest actors in Hollywood is handling his meteoric rise to stardom drug and alcohol free.