Astoria High School in Oregon and its’ football team has been rocked by an alcohol and drug scandal, and several dozen students may be implicated.

The initial discovery of the events, at a team camp-out, resulted in the the forfeiture of three games, and a closer look by school and police officials.

School administrators say up to 28 players may have been involved, drinking alcohol or smoking marijuana. All will face disciplinary action, including community service work on the next three game days.

Not all of the kids were found to have used drugs or alcohol but were also busted for not notifying administrators.

The camp-out was attended by Head Coach Howard Rub and assistant Fa’aleo Poyer.

The coach and school officials say that the primary focus is not on football, but the use of illicit substances.

The coaching staff says that they were unaware of the alcohol and drug use as they went to sleep between two and three in the morning.

The police might also get involved to find out who provided the alcohol and marijuana.

This case serves as a reminder that this isn’t an isolated incident. Kids in all communities are experimenting and using alcohol and drugs.

Parents need to remember that just because an adult or parent is present, that it doesn’t mean that kids will abstain from drugs.

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