A new report by Health Reuters takes a closer look at driving fatalities, and their research discovered that 50% of drivers in deadly crashes had alcohol and/or drugs in their system.

The data comes from National Traffic and Safety Administration on fatalities in 14 states.

Researchers found that men and people driving at night were the most likely to have alcohol, marijuana or other illicit or prescription drugs show up on a toxicology screen after the accident.

The data doesn’t specify the levels of drug and alcohol within the system, so it is impossible to show whether impairment was a factor.

Out of 20,150 fatally injured drivers in 2005 to 2009, 57 percent tested positive for at least one drug – 20% had multiple drugs in their system when the accident occurred.

Alcohol was the most common drug to show up on the drug screens, followed by marijuana and stimulants, which include Adderall and amphetamines.

Sixty percent of men killed while driving had drugs or alcohol in their system, compared to less than half of women. People who had an accident at night or on the weekend were also more likely to test positive than those driving on a weekday.

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