Authorities are talking about the role of PCP use in two violent crimes.

PCP is a rarely talked about drug, a powerful hallucinogen well past it’s hey day.

You want to score drugs? Sure there’s marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, methamphetamine, and heroin in full supply.

But PCP is not a common drug. Teens aren’t experimenting with it, and it’s not typically found on drug dealers, and in major drug busts.

But there have been some eerie and violent encounters recently and the people identified in the crimes say they have used “wet.” Wet, leek, or dip can either be a joint mixed with PCP or a joint dipped in embalming fluid.

Two violent attacks in New Jersey in the last few weeks have resulted in the deaths of two kids, while a third child clings to life. takes a look at the cases in a story that can be found HERE.