The University of South Carolina is cracking down on drug and alcohol fueled events on or near campus.

School has only been back in session for a few days and already USC is responding to a viral video of an enormous pool party at the Woodlands. reported that the party featured drinking, fighting, and nudity in their coverage.

Most young adults think that around the clock partying and intoxication are rites of passage for college students.

But we are seeing dozens of young adults die on campus each year from alcohol poisoning or a drug overdose.

That’s the problem.   Partying until you die.

USC’s Director of Student Conduct Alisa Liggett says told the TV station: “Not only have our alcohol offenses increased, but we had a number of student deaths that are accidents related to alcohol.”

Liggett says there were more than 600 alcohol-related fines from 2011-2012, up 15% from the previous year.

It appears the students didn’t worry about a measly $50 fine.

She told WISTV, “It used to be 50, it’s gone up to 250 (dollars for the first offense), a second offense was 100, it’s gone to 350 and the third offense is suspension.”

Teensavers applauds USC for trying to control the problem. Nobody is saying that college kids shouldn’t have fun, but we shouldn’t be losing our kids to an alcohol or drug related death.