Tazelwell County, Illinois has an epidemic on its hands.

Heroin and prescription drugs have likely claimed the 14th fatal overdose victim in that community in 2012.

James Reader, 21, was found unresponsive over the weekend.

The Coroner is awaiting toxicology reports, but police say that Reade injested heroin before his death.

According to the Peoria Star-Journal, Reader told his friend he felt the heroin’s effects were dissipating too soon and that Reader then ingested a brand-name form of the drug clonazepam.

Reader apparently told the friend that he planned to call someone to obtain more heroin.

Tazewell county saw 19 drug related fatalities last year, and Reader’s death puts them on pace to equal that unfortunate record number.

Another critical substance abuse problem involves methadone. The painkiller that is prescribed to patients to help with heroin withdrawal symptoms has been linked to seven deaths there.

These habits typically start with ingested pills from the medicine cabinet. Once they are hooked on the painkillers,