Teensavers and the makers of the Teensavers Home Drug Test Kit often reminds parents that children typically start using drugs with someone they know and someone they trust.

A 12-year-old Ohio boy is recovering after overdosing on a synthetic drug that he smoked at the urging of his 18-year-old brother.

While federal, state, and local agencies crackdown on synthetic drugs, they still exist online, and in some stores.

The bigger concern is that the 18-year-old could have encouraged the 12-year-old to experiment with numerous illicit drugs.

This is a reminder that parents need to have frequent discussions with their children about these dangerous substances, regardless of the children’s ages. At 18, you are certainly exposed to a wider variety of illicit drugs, but the influence on an older teen can have great impact on a younger child.

Hopefully the younger sibling makes a full recovery.

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