More teens and young adults are abusing heroin, and they are ending up in treatment.

Treatment experts say they are treating more people with opioid addictions.

The Sante Fe New Mexican profiled the rising heroin and prescription drug trends and they spoke with Brian Parkill with Millennium Treatment Services.

He said a that a few years ago, heroin and opiate abusers amounted to 5% of his patients. Now he’s seeing a rate that’s more than 25%.

It’s no secret people are abusing prescription drugs. Pills like Xanax, Oxycontin, and Percocet are popular from baby boomers, down to first time middle-school experimenters.

But now you’re seeing more people in treatment who never thought they’d have a heroin problem.

America’s Parenting Coach, Tim Chapman, says that the heroin addiction takes many users by surprise. “When you talk with teens and young adults in treatment, you find that they never believed that their habit would evolve into heroin. Most of them thought they had things under control, and knew they finally were full blown addicts, when heroin became their drug of choice.”

Chapman is one of many treatment specialists who recommend the Teensavers Home Drug Test Kit as a method to detect opiate abuse. Opiates are detected in the line’s 5,7, and 12 panel tests

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