We’ve been telling readers for years about the depths teens will go to try to get high.

It doesn’t stop at marijuana, and it certainly doesn’t stop at other illicit drugs like cocaine and ecstasy.

But now Fox News is catching on, which means die-hards will finally start to listen to what’s going on.

Today Manny Alvarez, or as they call him Dr. Manny, addresses his anti-drug stance to President Obama, and tells the country’s leader that he’s not doing enough to curb teen drug use.

Of course Dr. Manny proclaims that President Obama has dropped the ball. It’s his problem because little Johnny or Mary begins smoking marijuana at 14. And the President is been responsible for all of those little kids who reached into mom and dad’s medicine cabinet for pills.

The truth is, we, American parents, are responsible for the teen drug crisis.

We’re not enforcing anti-drug policies in our own homes.

What do our kids learn with the millions of marijuana smoking parents at home?

Kids are tempted to experiment.

So it’s not the best idea to leave a bunch of high powered, and highly addictive opiates in the home.

Most importantly, most parents don’t even discuss drugs with their kids. Saying “don’t do drugs” to kids is not enough. Parents should be talking about each drug and the damaging effects they have on society.

There’s a story almost every day online about someone who has died using drugs.

These victims come in all ages, races, genders, and from all different social and economical backgrounds.

These are not male, minorities, who are homeless and poor.

Sometimes these victims are the straight A student babysitter from down the street, the star football player at a nationally ranked university, or a successful business person.

Addiction is a powerful problem in this country, and it’s going to take more than one man to solve it.

It takes a united effort by politicians, law enforcement personnel, business leaders, community leader, and citizens.

The creators of the Teensavers Home Drug Test Kit designed their 3-panel, 5-panel, and 7-panel tests with the family in mind, basing the specific drug combinations on the current drug trends.

If you make the decision to drug test, make sure that you don’t test your loved one with a marijuana only test. Marijuana abuse isn’t plaguing this country as nearly as bad as opiate abuse.

People are dying every day from their addiction to painkillers, and they are leaving behind hundreds of thousands of heroin addicts, who may be the next to go.