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U.S. and Canadian authorities showed off the haul of a major smuggling operation along the remote border area of Montana, as their press conference coincided with the first sentencing in the case.

Over the last two years, smugglers have moved 1,000 kilograms of cocaine into Canada and 1.3 million tablets of the designer drug Ecstasy into the United States over the last two years.

17 people have been arrested and a driver was the first to be sentenced to five years in prison.

The cocaine originated in the states from Southern California and was to be distributed in British Columbia.

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U.S. Attorney for Montana Michael Cotter said the international investigation seized 414 kilograms of cocaine and 29 kilograms of Ecstasy, and 17 people were arrested in the U.S. and Canada, making it one of the largest drug busts on either side of the border.

“This is certainly the largest seizure both here in Montana and Saskatchewan,” Cotter said in a news conference in Great Falls.

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Ohio’s highway patrol is seizing heroin at a skyrocketing rate, and marijuana at double the rate of last year.

A spokesman for the department said the amount of heroin seized is up 300%.

The amount of marijuana is up 100%.

According to, Troopers seized 27,875 grams of heroin in the first six months of this year, a 327 percent increase from the same period in 2011.

The report, released online Tuesday, also indicated a 107 percent increase in the number of grams seized during the same time period.

You can read more on whiotv’s website.

This serves as a reminder that these drugs are infiltrating our community.

Drug abuse and drug related deaths can strike any family at any time.

There’s no specific age, gender, race, or amount of money in your bank account to determine whether you will abuse drugs or overdose.

Nobody is immune.

Parents are speaking out after their daughter’s ecstasy related death in England.

They say their daughter died, trying to impress a boy, and that peer pressure is overwhelming our children.

They also said, it’s incredibly ease for kids to obtain drugs. Anyone will sell to them, as long as the buyer has money.

In a statement obtained by the Telegraph, Diana and Kenny Harding said, “You need ID for cigarettes and alcohol. Drug dealers don’t ask for ID. They don’t care how old you are. It’s too easy for teenagers to get hold of drugs. Drugs are everywhere and somebody will always know somebody who will sell you some.”

Parents need to educate their teens about drug use. The parents of Serena Harding were anti-drug counselors. While they had always preached an anti-drug message, they believe it fell on deaf ears because their daughter would go to any depths to impress the boy she liked.

The Hardings added, “We believe Serena got out of her depth and gave in to peer pressure. Every day we ask ourselves `how can this be?’ Serena filled all our hearts; she was so loving and caring and was sometimes wise beyond her almost 17 years. The tears we cry everyday are futile because she will never come home again.”

It’s important parents reinforce their message and be very active in their childrens’ lives.

Unfortunately, alcohol and drugs are just as much a part of the concert experience, especially when it comes to teens and young adults.

According to, there were two deaths and numerous arrests at a recent electronic festival.

One of the deceased was a 19, year old student from UC San Diego.

Connor Brandon died of cardiac arrest at Boston Medical Center.

His mother, Lisa, told the website that the teen died from the effects of ecstasy, amphetamines, and marijuana.

Unfortunately, Connor had a year long battle with drug dependency, and his family and friends held an intervention to get him to quit.

Lisa Brandon says that six week ago her son didn’t think treatment was the answer for his drug use, but recently he submitted an application for a treatment program at McLean Hospital.


“He was supposed to have his phone interview on Thursday, but he chose to go to this concert instead,” Brandon told

“People weren’t paying attention,” she said of her son’s college drug use. “And in a matter of 18 months, he was dead. We are not proud of this, but we need to raise awareness in our community that this is an epidemic among our young people.”

The DEA spread out across 100 cities Wednesday and Thursday to find and seize synthetic drugs.

Reports surfaced from Pittsburgh, New York, and California that the raids were carried out.

The government is on the offensive against the toxic chemicals since President Obama signed a ban on the substances a few weeks ago.

Synthetic drugs are known to have PCP like effects, ranging from hallucinations to uncontrollable shaking.


He rose to fame with his six pack abs and Jersey Shore smile and a nickname that stuck.

But Mike “the Situaiton” Sorrentino is opening up about his pill addiction. He is speaking out to In Style magazine about his Oxycodone addiction.


Sorrentino is not alone in his need for pills.

He is one of the few who got a hold of his addiction before it spiraled into heroin abuse.

You can read more about Sorrentno’s Situation by clicking here.

We’ve been telling readers for years about the depths teens will go to try to get high.

It doesn’t stop at marijuana, and it certainly doesn’t stop at other illicit drugs like cocaine and ecstasy.

But now Fox News is catching on, which means die-hards will finally start to listen to what’s going on.

Today Manny Alvarez, or as they call him Dr. Manny, addresses his anti-drug stance to President Obama, and tells the country’s leader that he’s not doing enough to curb teen drug use.

Of course Dr. Manny proclaims that President Obama has dropped the ball. It’s his problem because little Johnny or Mary begins smoking marijuana at 14. And the President is been responsible for all of those little kids who reached into mom and dad’s medicine cabinet for pills.

The truth is, we, American parents, are responsible for the teen drug crisis.

We’re not enforcing anti-drug policies in our own homes.

What do our kids learn with the millions of marijuana smoking parents at home?

Kids are tempted to experiment.

So it’s not the best idea to leave a bunch of high powered, and highly addictive opiates in the home.

Most importantly, most parents don’t even discuss drugs with their kids. Saying “don’t do drugs” to kids is not enough. Parents should be talking about each drug and the damaging effects they have on society.

There’s a story almost every day online about someone who has died using drugs.

These victims come in all ages, races, genders, and from all different social and economical backgrounds.

These are not male, minorities, who are homeless and poor.

Sometimes these victims are the straight A student babysitter from down the street, the star football player at a nationally ranked university, or a successful business person.

Addiction is a powerful problem in this country, and it’s going to take more than one man to solve it.

It takes a united effort by politicians, law enforcement personnel, business leaders, community leader, and citizens.

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If you make the decision to drug test, make sure that you don’t test your loved one with a marijuana only test. Marijuana abuse isn’t plaguing this country as nearly as bad as opiate abuse.

People are dying every day from their addiction to painkillers, and they are leaving behind hundreds of thousands of heroin addicts, who may be the next to go.

Olympic fever is about to sweep across the globe.

The Unites States women’s soccer team kicks off it’s run for a gold medal Wednesday morning.

These world class athletes should be admired for their dedication to health and fitness, and their commitment to a a drug free life style.

The arrival of the Summer Olympic Games presents parents with the perfect time to discuss teen drug use.

This is a time, when the family sits around to watch some of their favorite sports like swimming, gymnastics, and track and field.

Parents can point out to their children, regardless if they are 8 or 18-years-old, that these athletes are the result of living a life dedicated to being drug-free, and focusing on grueling exercise and very healthy diet.

All of these athletes you see during the two week period undergo multiples drug screens.

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Everyone has their imagination of what a drug dealer looks like.

But oftentimes, the people who are filtering the drugs into the hands of children are not living the high life.

A judge Tuesday sentenced Claudia Perez-Leal to 18 years in prison for running a sophisticated cocaine operation in the Southern United States.

Her defense lawyer called her a nice lady, and said she was a loving mom.

The arrest likely surprised people in the community, as Perez-Leal had never had even a minor infraction or ticket.

She lived in a double wide trailer and was not exhibiting the signs of luxury, mostly associated with drug kingpins.

In fact when federal agents moved in and arrested the woman and her husband, she had no real assets or money to seize.

This case reminds us that drug dealers don’t have a certain look, and they blend into society like everyone else, as normal husbands or wives, and often the are attentive parents.