After getting a horrifying lesson in what synthetic drugs can do, Miami, the scene of the so-called Causeway Cannibal attack, is moving to eliminate synthetic drug sales.

Last week, the city voted to ban the sale of bath salts.   Now local leaders there are moving to ban the sale of anything structurally similar to the compounds.

The products, which are easily available at many convenience stores, go by colorful names like Blizzard, Blue Silk, Hurricane Charley, Ivory Snow and Snow Leopard.

The county’s ordinance calls for a $500 fine and up to 60 days in jail for selling the product.

The laws have shown to be ineffective at stopping the sales.   Many cities and states have tried to enact their own bans, despite the fact that the federal government has also issued a ban on these products.
The key component in most of these products is MPDV or Methylenedioxypyrovalerone, which can cause hallucinations.   Drug makers have been skirting the bans by altering the chemical compounds of the products which are typically marked “not for human consumption.”