The so-call Causeway Cannibal created a new genre of news; “the bath salts files.”   New stations and police are reporting more incidents involving these synthetic drugs.

Two new bath salts related stories hit the air this week. One story was in Miami, the other in New York. It’s clear by reading the comments, that many people still do not know what bath salts are.

Many people think they are the same substances poured into bath tubs. They are not.

For the Miami story, click HERE.

For the New York story, click HERE.

These synthetic drugs have been putting people’s lives in danger for quite some time, but the face eating attack in Miami has brought much-needed attention to the problem.

Hopefully parents read up on these substances and talk with their kids. These substances are not a safe alternative to marijuana, but keep in mind that some parents are unbelieveably allowing their kids to smoke marijuana just to keep them off these substances.

Parents need to have a zero tolerance when it comes to underage drinking and drug use.