The creators of the Teensavers Home Drug Test Kits have been warning parents for quite some time, that there’s a simple three step process from you being loose about pills at home, to your teen becoming a heroin addict.

Step 1: You leave unattended pills at the home.

Step 2: You son or daughter polish them off, creating an opiate addiction.

Step 3: Pills are too expensive and too hard to find, so your loved one moves onto heroin, a much cheaper and purer high.

Think that it’s too outrageous to happen to your loved one? Talk to the parent of a heroin addict. It all starts the same way. Very few people decide one day, I’m going to try heroin. Heroin is a need that typically derives from an opiate addiction.

MSNBC is bringing attention to a problem that treatment specialists, counselors, and regular American families have been coping with for years.

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