This morning making the daily round of news, I saw this story out of Miami about a homeless man who growled at an officer, bit his hand, and acted similar to the so-called South Beach Cannibal.

I guess we will see a huge spike in these news stories, since the face eating attack horrified, yet captivated Americans.

Talk to anyone in law enforcement, or watch the hit TV shows “Cops” or “Jail.” Heck, you could even go back to an episode or two of “Adam 12” from the late 60s to know that they’ve been attacked and have struggled with violent drug users for decades.

But now that people in the media are just starting to find out about bath salts, spice, incense, and all the other synthetic drugs on the streets, it appears we will start seeing more about these types of stories.

Apparently officers in the Miami area have been alerted to a potential danger from homeless people, and they should be using caution on patrols.

Have the homeless switched from two dollar 40 ounce beers to $25 synthetic drugs?

I guess the one thing we can hope for our of these stories is that the federal government will not only extend its ban on the products, but apply some heavy penalties for sales, distribution, and possession of the drugs.