A story this morning out of Orlando’s WESH-TV website covers 17 kids who were busted for drinking on a MIDDLE SCHOOL campus.

15 were suspended. The school expelled 2 students.

Apparently one of the kids brought straight alcohol to school in a Gatorade bottle.

The bottle was passed around amongst the students. One parent was mad saying that her daughter didn’t know that the drink her daughter was taking was alcohol.

The comment section was abuzz with comments at the apparent parent’s naivety.

Drinking isn’t a rite of passage, not at 15, 16, 17 or 18. Not at 20. Drinking on campus shows an absolute bold defiance of authority.

It’s amazing how some parents react when their kids make mistakes. Sometimes you need to own up to your mistakes. When you can clearly smell undiluted alcohol before drinking it, there’s no way to mistake it for water.