Marijuana legalization advocates are rejoicing because they got a big boost in support from the 700 Club’s Pat Robertson. The evangelical leader and former presidential candidate told his followers that, “I really believe we should treat marijuana the way we treat beverage alcohol. If people can go into a liquor store and buy a bottle of alcohol and drink it at home legally, then why do we say that the use of this other substance is somehow criminal?”


But the Teensavers Team has 7 reasons why Pat’s theory is one big puff of smoke.

1. Bongloads beat up the body: While the immediate highs and effects are enjoyed by users, numerous doctors will tell you that prolonged use will effect your brain, heart, and lungs. The extent of the damage has been long debated.

2. Pot will not fill our pocketbooks: We’ve been taxing alcohol and cigarettes for years, and we are still financially struggling as a country. All of the binge drinkers and chain smokers haven’t been able to defeat the debt. Taxing marijuana after legalization won’t make a dent in our country’s deficit.

3. Kids think chronic is cool. It’s bad enough we have adults killing themselves with alcohol and drugs, but we’re seeing more kids experimenting with drugs. 4,000 kids try drugs for the first time every day. We don’t need that number to increase. Legalizing marijuana would likely spike that number.

4. A Spicy society: Marijuana users afraid to use the real thing, often turn to synthetics to get high. The military has a huge problem, and kids are using these synthetics. Despite government efforts to stop the chemistry, manufacturers continue to produce, and sellers continue to sell. With legalized pot, more parents would be testing for that, so kids would turn to the synthetics which aren’t easily detected with instant read drug tests.

5. The Gate-way is ajar: Recent studies have dispelled that marijuana is the gateway drug in most people, but some marijuana users still get bored with the drug, and look to increase their highs with other narcotics. Beer drinkers often make the switch to the “hard stuff.” Legalized, marijuana probably wouldn’t be considered much of a hard drug. But there are others out there to ramp up the highs.

6. High-er accident rates on our roads: We are already seeing a shift in the nation’s driving habits. More DUIs are involving drugs, and not alcohol. And in a recent survey out of Canada, teens admitted they were more likely to drive while under the influence of marijuana, as opposed to alcohol. The thought it, smoking pot and taking pills and driving is a much safer combination than alcohol and getting behind the wheel.

7. No Joint Relief: Our prison overcrowding will not recede with the legalization of marijuana. People in jail or prison on drug charges, are there because they will commit a crime to satisfy their urge. Nobody is in jail for just lighting up one joint. People in jail for drugs are typically dealers, or parole violators who had other crimes, with narcotics charges on top of the original violations.