New Jersey’s Attorney General has had enough.

Jeffrey Chiesa says that the states ban on synthetic marijuana is so serious, that they will prosecute anyone possessing or using the substance as if they were using the real deal.

“Today we are ending this dangerous game played by drug dealers,” Chiesa said at a news conference.

He told the public that there are no gray areas, selling or distributing these substances is crystal clear, “We are making unambiguously clear that, if a synthetic chemical is being sold because it mimics the effects of marijuana, the dealer is committing a crime.”

New Jersey is the fourth state to criminalize any variation of the products, known by many names, such as k2, spice, ivory wave, and bath salts.

The chemicals have hundreds of  400 variations and are considered a controlled and dangerous substance on par with cocaine or heroin.  Manufacturing, selling, or possessing the drugs is now a third-degree crime.  The maximum sentence is five years in prison and $25,000 in fines.

If you are unfamiliar with the products, teen are ingesting them as a way to get around using marijuana, which can be detected in drug tests.   The products are some kind of herb and sprayed or soaked in a chemical solution that mimics the effects of marijuana.

Numerous kids have died using these products, and thousands more have been sickened by them.  They report hallucinations, chest pains, and heart issues.

Parents need to talk to their children about the dangers of these products, as sellers continue to stock their store shelves with them in nearly every state.    And while police have stepped up their enforcement, it’s virtually impossible to confiscate all pieces of these products.