New statistics released this week from SAMHSA, show that a majority of college treatment admissions are for alcohol and not drugs.

College students had lower rates of treatment admissions than nonstudents their age for other types of primary substance abuse such as:

·         Heroin – 7.2 percent for college students versus 16.1 percent for nonstudents

·         Other opiates– 8.3 percent for college students versus 10.5 percent for nonstudents

·         Cocaine – 1.9 percent for college students versus 4.2 percent for nonstudents

·         Methamphetamine – 1 percent for college students versus 4.4 percent for nonstudents


A quick look at the report summary can be viewed HERE.

The scary thing is that a combined 23% of young adults have used heroin.    And the opiate numbers are close at nearly 19% of all college-aged children.

Chances are, these kids did not start using in college.   Some of this drug use has carried over from experimentation in high school.   Parents can’t let their children build up these experimentation habits in high school.  By the time they get to college or move out on their own, they have a constant supplier and they have the freedom to use in their dorm or apartments without parental supervision.

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