Parents are starting to see the effects of drug abuse on the community. More teens are experimenting with heroin, and many others are becoming hooked on pills.

For years, parents didn’t have a weapon to detect this abuse. But now there are home drug tests that can help parents in a time of need. The Teensavers Home Drug Test Kit is a reliable and valuable resource against teen drug use.

For 33 years, Doc’s Drugs has been serving the suburbs outside Chicago. Family owned, Doc’s Drugs has been a dependable choice for Illinois families. Doc’s Drugs is now offering the Teensavers Home Drug Test Kits for families to ensure that their children remain drug free. Talk to your Doc’s pharmacist about which drug test is right for your family. Teensavers Tests range from a 1-panel kit that screen for marijuana, all the way to a comprehensive kit that screens for 12-drugs. With today’s fascination with pills, parents cannot afford to guess by smelling their kids for drugs, or checking their eyeballs come curfew time.

Don’t guess. Home drug test with Teensavers, available at Doc’s Drugs.