It’s that time of year when most parents are obsessed with the scale. Millions sit and lament how poorly they treated their bodies between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. So they pack up the gym bag and skip a meal here or there, as they try to adhere to a ridiculous New Year’s Resolution that’s almost certain to result in failure.

A person’s health is nothing to joke about, and Americans are getting fatter every year. But obesity is not the only health concern plaguing our country. We have a drug epidemic that is not just gripping adults, but our children. We have a growing number of states legalizing medicinal marijuana. Whether one believes that the laws are right or wrong, they do provide children with easier access to pot. There are numerous teens boasting on the internet that they have their pot card. And they are handing that marijuana to friends. We have a growing prescription drug problem. The nation is pill obsessed. Kids attend pill parties where they trade their loot. They don’t even consider the harmful effects that one single pill can have on their bodies.

It’s time for parents to open their eyes and realize that there is a serious problem plaguing our school and communities. Kids are abusing opiates and using heroin once the pills run dry. Do parents know what heroin smells like? Probably not. But they think they have it covered each Friday and Saturday night when they sniff for alcohol and marijuana.

Parents will spend plenty of money to pamper themselves with beauty trips and golf outings, but they don’t often think about how $30 can provide you with extra protection for their children. It seems easy to just make the resolution that parents will test their kids regularly. Home drug tests are laboratory accurate. You don’t need a doctor to give a test to a child. Best of all, they are private. Parents can test their children at home and be worry free about anyone finding out.

Teensavers home drug tests start to work the second you bring it home from the store. All it takes is for a parent to show the test to a teen and tell them that they could use it at any time. You may never need to use it. Just having it at home is likely enough to convince your teen to tell their friends, “I can’t try drugs. My parents have a drug test at home and they will use it.”

Parents need to become educated about the drugs that kids are taking to school and using before, during, and after class. More kids are using ecstasy, meth, and opiates. Opiates have surged to the second most popular drug for children after marijuana. Numerous communities have either a prescription abuse problem, or a flat out heroin epidemic. If you don’t think so, call the local PD, or high school counselors and ask what the latest drug trends are in your community.

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