A lot of teenagers are making their plans to have an unsafe New Year’s weekend. Don’t be naive into thinking that they aren’t planning on drinking and doing drugs. If you think this is a bunch of hot air, take a look at the school ski trip bust this week.

Students from five schools from Elko Co., Nevada were heading towards Utah for a student ski trip. Five buses full of energetic kids, headed to a parent-free vacation. It’s believed that there wasn’t a chaperone over 20 years old among the convoy. So when witnesses saw a couple of the teens smoking marijuana from a pipe, authorities decided to search the buses. What they found was a boatload of narcotics. Authorities decided not to file charges, since none of the kids possessed enough to warrant a felony.

Kids don’t need a bus and few days away from mom and dad to plan a drug-fueled party. Kids just need a few hours away from home to get high. Parents have an easy answer to detect the teend rug use.

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