Most people are unaware of all of the drug related stories pertaining to our youth that arise every day. Part of what we do here on the blog is filter all of that information, so that people get a proper understanding of what goes on in communities across America.

Very few people know what goes on in their own communities. Sometimes they just don’t pay enough attention, and sometimes a story is swept underneath the carpet, because people don’t want a certain community to be overshadowed by bad news.

Publicizing drug information from around the world can help parents understand what teens are willing to try when it comes to drugs, and what they are willing to do to obtain that narcotic. We’ve published stories of kids and adults doing stupid things to acquire their drug of choice. We’ve also published articles on the stupid criminal acts kids and people will do to get money to pay for their high. And most importantly, we have shown you the life-threatening things kids and adults will do to not only get high, but to pass a drug test. The most recent shocker was that kids were drinking bleach to fool drug tests.

The story that made my jaw drop today comes from the website. Head shop owners are suing, hoping to overturn a ban on the sale of synthetic substances. After all, they want the good people in Kingsport, TN to have those bath salts for the most relaxing soak ever.

These substances are killers. These sellers know it. But they are making a fortune on them. So now when the government does something good to help eliminate these lethal products, these business people take a stand to fight the move.

Check out this chunk of unbelieveability from

Todd Cartwright opened the White Cloud Emporium at 10 a.m. He still sells products like “Zombie Killa,” “Jungle Juice,” and “White Widow” despite the ban on synthetic drugs.

“[The new law] doesn’t tell us what’s illegal,” said Cartwright. “When we asked the mayor, what’s illegal, or what is legal, he told us whatever we deem is illegal is illegal.’”

Cartwright and Ultimate Smoke Owner Jason Catoe filed a complaint against the ban in chancery court Monday night.

The complainants seek injunctive relief and damages for alleged violations to the U.S. and Tennessee constitutions. Cartwright says the synthetic drug ban is too broad and violates their right to due process.

“If the State of Tennessee comes out with another 5,000 chemicals that we can’t carry,” said Cartwright, “then we won’t carry those 5,000 chemicals.”

How much is the almighty dollar worth? How much profit can you turn with these products? Apparently, it’s a ton. To claim that you aren’t exactly sure what substances are being banned and what chemical combinations are illegal seems a little too foolish.

The makers of these products alter the chemical compositions to skirt the bans placed by the federal government. If you can’t have chemicals A-B-C together, then they modify it and make a product with A-B-D. When that fails, they move on to A-B-E. Ultimately, the government will need to outlaw any combination of chemicals A-Z, to stop the production of these substances.

Users continue to buy them, and they continue to stockpile them, knowing that one day these products will be off store shelves. Sadly, store owners will continue to sell them, until they are severely prosecuted. As the article mentions, sellers would only face a $50 fine for selling them. That’s probably less than a full day’s profits.

If you are unaware of what bath salts are, or how they can kill kids, you can search for them in our blog. I also recommend a blog from a mom who has lived and fought addiction through her son. A longtime heroin addict, her son now says bath salts is his latest fix, and it is the scariest substance ever.

Her name is Barbara. She is very honest and speaks from the heart. Her blog is Please visit it.