This isn’t just some event to make a government agency look good.   The DEA and law enforcement agencies across America are teaming up with volunteers to collect unused and expires prescription drugs.    These neglected pills can often fall in the wrong hands, when thrown away in the trash, or just left sitting in an unlocked medicine cabinet.

This event is about saving lives.   Numerous children first experience drugs by sneaking a pill from the family medicine chest.   If you have unwanted medications in your home, please dispose of them at a center near you.    You can visit the DEA’s website to find a location in your neighborhood.

The Teensavers Team hopes that everyone will participate in this event.    Proper disposal is key.   Flushing pills down the toilet or sink contaminates the water supply.    Throwing pills in the trash, leaves them for a junky who will raid the garbage curbside or in the dump.

If you want to know if your child has been taking prescription medications without your knowledge, we have a compete line of Teensavers Home Drug Test Kits available on the     You can click HERE for a link to the store.