Too many parents sit back and wonder if their child is using drugs.   At first they have a suspicion.   It could be a change in behavior, new friends, or slipping in grades.    After that, parents often play the waiting game.   They debate whether or not they should confront their child.   It may be a long time down the road before they drug test their child.

Do not wait!

Marijuana is everywhere.   Prescription drugs are everywhere.   Heroin is everywhere.  Drugs are available to your child within the community, at school, or through friends.

The best tool to fight against home drug testing is the Teensavers Home Drug Test.    It is affordable, lab-accurate, and simple to use.    You can give it to your child in the privacy of your own home and nobody needs to know but your inner circle.

Just having one at home let’s your child know that you could test at any time.    That one piece of information may be enough to convince your child to say “no” when offered drugs.