The Associated Press today updates the latest in the Austin Box death.

Box,  a 22 year old football player at Oklahoma University died of an
overdose May 19th.   He had been ingesting prescriptions not authorized
to him.

Craig and Gail Box told The Associated Press there were
“stark” text messages on their son’s cell phone that may pinpoint to  at
least two people know who was supplying him with some of his pain pills
before his death.

Box’s father Craig told the AP, “It’s evident what the discussion is.  All I can say is that learning of one person’s
involvement has been very devastating to our family. It was somebody
close to Austin.”

Craig Box has indicated that the source was not someone associated with the OU football program.

The  Box family provided the information to authorities.   An autopsy found
the painkillers oxymorphone, morphine, hydrocodone, hydromorphone,
oxycodone and the anti-anxiety drug alprazolam in Box’s system, and
cited “mixed drug toxicity” as a probable cause of death.

Investigators couldn’t find any legal prescriptions on file for the drugs Box took.

Austin Box is a reminder that even the big and strong can succumb to accidental drug use.

Young  athletes can learn from this tragedy.   Parents can learn that because
it appears that your child is performing at a high level of competition,
does not mean they are drug free.

We recommend that all parents of athletes consider using a Teensavers Home Drug Test to make sure
their budding athlete is not abusing drugs.