A recent news story reported that a teen was arrested after they came to school high on drugs.   The freshman had apparently taken Ambien, a prescription sleeping drug.   The drug was registered to someone else.   An alert teach noticed that the student was groggy and disoriented in class. The student had apparently taken the pill before school.

Fortunately the teacher in this Omaha, Kanasa district was not only observant but proactive and reporting the teen.     Here you have a 14-year-old taking prescriptions in order to be high through the school day.    This isn’t an 18-year-old senior with 2 weeks left (that’s not OK either!)    This is a student who is at a critical age for mental and social development.

Maybe in order to keep our kids prepared for tests in schools, we should be giving them home drug tests.    We can’t ask teacher to do their jobs in educating our kids, when parents aren’t doing their job.    We wouldn’t send children to school naked.    We wouldn’t send them without lunches or snacks.    We wouldn’t send them without supplies.    Allowing a child to attend school under the influence is just poor parenting.

It’s about time parents lock up the drugs in the house, and drug test their kids.