It’s great to see that the Electric Daisy Carnival is over and
people were able to have fun without serious illnesses or death.    The
police numbers for the show indicate that perhaps more checks and
balances were in place to prevent younger, inexperienced attendees from
being there or having any problems.   This is what the show’s producers
assured the city of Los Angeles after the tragic death there.    It’s
great to see that the event was a success.    All adults deserve their
fun, and it shows that the show’s promoters put on a great festival with
the proper measures in place.

Among the stats from the first night:

• 6 misdemeanor arrests

• 14 felony arrests, 12 of which were drug-related

• 1 DUI alcohol arrest

• 1 traffic accident

• 142 medical calls per the MedicWest Ambulance Service

• 300 people treated by medics

• 5 people transported to area hospitals

• 31 ejections from the event


This  seems the standard set of numbers for any large concert, with the
exception of the felony drug possession arrests.   It would be
reasonable to conclude that most of concert related drug arrests are
minor marijuana possessions.

As we stated before the event, this is not a place for minors.   The event is billed as 18+ for  a
reason.    It’s the same reason visiting a bar or casino requires 21+
admission.    Adults should have an outlet to dance their asses off.
Sadly, some look towards the event as a 3-day drug bender.    It is not a
place for children to run around unsupervised.     It seems that the
EDC has found a home in Las Vegas, and it appears that promoters and
police ensured that it was the adult event it was billed to be.

Children  need a safe environment.  When they see and experience adults using and
abusing drugs, they get the notion that their bodies and brains can
handle the drugs.   Studies show that marijuana can damage the brain of
an adolescent.    It’s clear more powerful drugs like ecstasy and
opioids can have more serious negative effects.

The promoters of the EDC got this event right.   And you can credit the Las Vegas Metropolitan police for backing them up.