Often we talk with parents who refuse to believe that drugs are a topic of concern in their lives.   They believe their family is too strong, kids are too smart, community is too safe, or schools are too clean.  

But this is the naive culture we live in.   Parents live in a bubble.  Most of the parents who through their hands up and say, “not my kids” are the most uneducated.    They may have bachelor, master, or doctorate degrees.   But they these people are missing the life-educated portion.    This is why I’d like to to introduce to you, someone who experienced the shock of a child’s drug addiction first hand.

Her name is Barbara Legree, and she writes a blog called RECOVERY HAPPENS.   She also writes a guest post for the Pat Moore Foundation.   She is very honest in her approach to her son’s addiction.    She lives in fear and she’s open about her fears.  I could feel the terror in her soul while reading this post: Suspicious Mind.

Barbara is as new to me, as she is to readers of this blog.   But I hope to get to know her real soon, and I hope we can share some of her experiences with you.   She is writing a book, and her insight is amazing.    Most parents are not open about their child’s drug use or addiction.   Many families refuse to talk about it.   Some families do not even acknowledge that loved ones could have a problem.   Barbara opens her heart to the world in her blogs.

Teensavers is always looking for addicts, nurses, doctors, family members, police, or others to share their experiences with drugs.  Whether they are a user, or supported someone through recovery, we’d like to hear your story.   We also appreciate hearing stories from police officers and EMTs.

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