A heartbreaking story out of Ormond Beach, Florida.   A man is accused of coercing a young boy and his friend to dumpster dive for discarded bottles of Methodone.   The group then went back and mixed the residue from the bottles with water to make a drug concoction.   The concoction made the boys numb and nauseated, and eventually they passed out.

Methadone is a synthetic opioid used to help heroin addicts avoid using that drug.

What is troubling is that the medical examiner found traces of Xanax in Bryce’s urine.   The boy had apparently taken a Xanax pill the night before he died.  There’s no indication as to how he got ahold of the pill.

A Parson family friend told the Daytona Beach News-Journal that Bruce did not have a “history of drugs.”

This serves as a lesson to all parents.   If this 14-year-old had done drugs before, his parent clearly knew nothing about it.    If this was his first exprience using drugs, it was also his last.   Parents need to be vigilant and talk to their children about drugs, and Myteensavers recommends a home drug test kit to help confirm that your child is drug-free.

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