Teensavers wants to pass along explosive in depth reporting from the OC Register today regarding the history of Austin Farley’s alcohol and violent abusiveness.   Among the OC Register’s findings:

  • Farley spent only 50 days in jail for all of the total crimes he had been convicted.
  • He had 2 underage alcohol issues with authorities
  • His parents were granted 4 protective orders from their abusive son.
  • The mother would not cooperate with police, despite being his victim of abuse.
  • He spent time in and out of treatment centers
  • His most recent case, dismissed Friday, centered around prescription drug abuse.


This was a man full of problems.   If you know someone abusing alcohol or drugs, contact the Teensavers team CLICK HERE.   Home drug testing, and earlier treatment could have headed this man off of his drunken and violent path.

He brazenly plead not-guilty the charges yesterday.  For a complete account from the OC Register, click here: