Myteensavers update:

As her son faces murder charges for the crash that killed Ashton
Sweet, the mother of Austin Jeffrey Farley released a statement today
through her son’s attorney that she would “personally give my life if it
would bring Ashton Sweet back.”

The 26-year-old driver faces murder charges.   His blood alcohol content was double the legal limit.

He faces 20 years to life for a DUI with special circumstances.

He is set to enter his plea today in court.

Farley has a history of alcohol and drug related arrests and run-ins with the law.  If you know anyone with an alcohol or a drug problem, get them help.

If you know anyone who is about to drive after drinking or using drugs. try to take the keys and call them a cab.    Nothing good can come out of drinking and driving.     Habitual drinking and drug use can be prevented with better parenting and home alcohol and drug tests.   Don’t wake up to find out your son or daughter has taken someone’s life with a DUI.    Get them help.

Myteensavers cares about teens.   This was a case where these innocent victims were doing the right thing.  They were not drinking, and all they did was follow the rules.   Their parents were being good, active parents.   This tragedy could have been prevented if someone had stopped Farley from getting behind the wheel.