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The CDC has raised eyebrows with a tongue and cheek preparedness program aimed at the fallout from a natural disaster.   The zombies the CDC is mentioning, are people suffering from radiation.

But perhaps the CDC might want to take a serious approach to the zombies walking around under the influence of prescription drugs.   President Obama recently released; “Epidemic: Responding to America‘s Prescription Drug Abuse Crisis.”

The release warns of the nation’s fastest growing drug problem.   One third of new drug users since 2009 are people trying prescription drugs for non-medical reasons.     If this trend grows, we will have a society of zombies in the form of pill popping people.    The trend is high from youths to the elderly.     Pills are being stolen from unsuspecting people with proper prescriptions and then sold.       Pills, or synthetic verisions, are readily available on the internet.

Unlike alcohol and marijuana users, you cannot smell or detect prescription drug abuse with your nose.    This trend needs to stop with the teenagers.   Too many kids are popping pills like candy.   They get them from their parents’ medicine cabinets and use them.    Teens also grab handfulls and bring them to parties.     A home drug test is the best way to combat teen pill abuse, but many parents still believe this is an invasion of privacy.

Wouldn’t it be great if the CDC came out and advocated home drug testing of kids?    We test our athletes.   Major corporations test their employees.    It’s about time we start testing the future of America.